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sehun’s radiating charm
sehun’s radiating charm

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behind the scenes of Fated to Love You

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Please focus on this clause… All entrusted tasks, covers, kiss…

Please focus on this clause… All entrusted tasks, covers, kiss…

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The president of an entertainment company? But… is that all?

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Song Jae Rim - Surplus Princess teaser

#you better fucking be the main lead in this drama That was the exact same thing that I thought when I saw this gif-set. If he’s not the main lead then .. I don’t even know!

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Anonymous sent: Gun is not going to have amnesia at all.

Ah, maybe you’re right. After all they didn’t really show him have amnesia or something, but that’s the most likely thing for ME to happen. That’s what happens almost every time someone loses his consciousness in dramaland which is why I assumed he’s going to have amnesia.
I guess you have watched the original taiwanese drama? I haven’t. So I really have no idea (well I saw some spoilers here and there) what’s yet to come. Nevertheless I am really looking forward to the next episode :) 

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#운명처럼 널 사랑해
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#i was very sympathetic towards her till now
#and I don't want cutie patootie Kim Mi Young to get hurt
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#i want my ship to sail completely with their dog poopie
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To be honest, I am not an enemy of the amnesia plot line. If anything, amnesia is my favourite (exaggerated) plot twist in dramaland (if I had to choose). It’s the thing that doesn’t make me roll my eyes and sigh heavily. IF it’s acted out nicely (which I actually don’t doubt with this drama) and doesn’t drag on. Then it is perfectly ok with me.
Moreover I think that if Gun has lost his memory (which is not sure yet (but well, I am still pretty sure he did)) it’s actually something good because his illness would be the reason for his amnesia and the writers/producers won’t kill him later on. So that’s something to be happy about, right? Lol, haha.
Well guys, just try to be more optimistic about the whole thing and have faith that “Fated to Love You” won’t disappoint us in this matter. After all it did quite well till now.

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Photoshoot Part 1 (FTLY Episode 9)

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#운명처럼 널 사랑해
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"Fated to Love You" never fails to surprise me. That was a superb ending. I loved it.

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"Since I’m pregnant, being hungry makes me feel nauseous and unable to sleep."